“uses local ingredients to come up with outstanding dishes” – Men’s Journal U.S.A. Oct ’07

“few chefs are cooking as well and none are cooking better” – Sunday Tasmanian July 16 ’06

“This modern but down-to-earth restaurant is an oasis of calm on a busy strip” – Delicious April ’07

“the restaurant is on a similar level to the better establishments in Melbourne and Sydney” – Travel + Leisure June ’07

“the menu is a nice blend of classical traditional and youthful innovation” – Tasmanian life Jan ’07

“the city has developed some excellent restaurants and jostling for top position is restaurant 373″ – Black and White Jan ’07

“make the most of the city’s top restaurants like restaurant 373″ – Australian financial review Dec 14 ’07

“at this minimalist style restaurant, locals tuck into nouvelle dishes that blend native ingredients with international flavour” – New York Times July ’07

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How to Choose a Dog Bed

Every dog owner wants to ensure that their dogs can rest comfortably in a spot that is truly theirs, and there is no better way to do that than with a good dog bed. Choosing the right dog bed for your dog isn’t a complicated matter, but there are some key aspects to keep in mind to guarantee that you get the best bed for your dog.

Easy to Clean

Fur, dirt, mud, slobber, crumbs from treats and more quickly collect on dog beds, and letting your dog sleep in filth is unhealthy. Dog beds with removable and machine washable covers are a necessity. Dog beds that have no removable covers but are still washable are a decent alternative, but the cushioning may flatten quickly with successive washings. 

Different Beds for Different Breeds

Big fluffy beds might seem great for any dog, but they may be too hot for dogs with thick coats of fur. Mat dog beds online at http://www.doggybeds.com.au are great for breeds with thick coats of fur or for dogs who are easily overheated like high energy breeds. 

Hammock beds are also a great option to get them off of the floor and keep them cool, but these are best for smaller breeds. 

Loose-fill beds are a great alternative for more cushioning without making a dog too hot, but the fill in these beds tends to flatten easily and may need to be replaced regularly.

Big thick-cushioned beds are great for breeds of any size, but best for dogs with thinner coats who stay cool more easily. 

Old and Arthritic Dogs

Some dogs need more comfortable and ease of use in their beds to ease aches and pains that come with age, arthritis or injuries. For these dogs, it’s best to find memory foam or mattress dog beds as these provide a softer and gentler experience on the joints and muscles. A cheaper and still effective alternative are regular foam and egg-carton foam beds.

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